The Zen of Pythonic News (aka Guidelines)

Based on The Zen of Python

Pythonic News is a platform for friends of Python (the programming language).
It shall enable people to discover, share and discuss interesting thoughts, publications or web pieces about Python and its related fields.
On the platform, anybody shall feel welcomed.

Beautiful is better than ugly.

Be beautiful to each other. Always remember, Pythonic News is a community built around Python stuff, which is mostly technical. When discussing this kind of stuff, there is no need to offend someone personally.

Explicit is better than implicit.

Be on-topic. We are here to discuss the Python programming language, its ecosystem, its applications and its community. For off-topic discussions there are plenty of forums out there on the net.
This community regards political discussions as off-topic, unless discussing the walrus operator (just kidding).

In the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess.

Please think of a contribution of another member of this community as well-intended. We should all assume that people here behave nicely and respectful.

Errors should never pass silently.

We value transparency. If there is any action taken by moderators on submissions, comments or user accounts, we try to be as clear about what happened as possible. For now, there is no moderation system in place. This means that we might be forced to delete contributions silently when we notice off-topic, disrespectful or otherwise abusive content without further notice. However, a moderation audit trail is on the roadmap to be implemented soon

Code of Conduct

This is a news aggregator and we all want to be nice to each other. Rude behaviour in form of continiously spamming, posting off-topic content, offending people ad-hominem, will result in a ban.