Software Engineer at SUSE

Posted on: 04/01/2021

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Tags: containers docker kubernetes

*Senior Kernel Engineer* The SUSE Performance team is recruiting a senior kernel engineer. In this role, they will be responsible for fixing bugs, kernel maintenance, developing new features, performance regression analysis and improving performance in general for containers (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes) and control groups. SUSE is strongly committed to open source, and we actively contribute to numerous FOSS projects and initiatives. We embrace and believe in the open source innovation model and the open source business model. As a member of our kernel team you will have the opportunity to contribute to the Linux kernel and related tools. *How to apply* Preferably, submit all relevant information in a single PDF file, so that no important detail is lost in transit. Give us some time to process your application. Expect the interview to be done over phone. Form submission for this position at []( This is not the only job opening currently available at SUSE, see