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Posted on: 02/17/2021

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Tags: aws vpc grafana s3 puppet datadog prometheus bash chef python cloudfront ansible terraform kubernetes

Do you believe in **infrastructure as code** and that repeatable work is something best handed off to your robot underlings? If so, Tradeshift is looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer or Software Engineer with focus on Infrastructure to join us in building our platform of the future. Strong DevOps or Software Engineering background **↠** Programming experience with go, python or Java **↠** Deep experience working with Linux (minimum 5 years) **↠** Solid experience with container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes **↠** Extensively used config management systems like Puppet, Chef or Ansible **↠** A deep knowledge about AWS services including but not limited to IAM, VPC, EC2, S3, CloudFront, Route53, SQS, etc. **↠** Used terraform or a similar “infrastructure as code” tool **↠** Scripting experience with bash **↠** Used monitoring systems like Prometheus or Datadog and have build monitoring dashboards with Grafana or something similar **↠** Communication skills especially with diverse groups of global team members including other software engineers, as well as managers and executives **↠** Know how what a CI/CD pipeline is and how it should work **↠** Very good application troubleshooting methodology