Backend Senior/Staff/Principal/Distinguished Software Engineer at Ocient

Posted on: 09/03/2021

Location: USA, Chicago or Remote (US) (ON-SITE)

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Tags: sql python

We're building an exabyte-scale distributed database for analytics (OLAP) workloads, with an emphasis on low-level performance optimizations. Our approach is to build nearly everything from scratch in C++, including custom distributed filesystems, task schedulers, consensus protocols, and an advanced SQL stats engine and query planner/optimizer. As an engineer here, you'll tackle really challenging problems and work with huge systems but also get the pride of ownership and autonomy that comes with a startup. We currently have about 55 engineers on the team, and our technical standards are very high. Our Stack: Modern C++, Linux, Bazel, Python, etc. Apply at <>. Send your questions to starzia at