Senior Front End / Javascript / React Engineer at Qloo

Posted on: 07/02/2021

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Tags: javascript redux eslint lambda node angular react python graphql aws

Here at Qloo, we predict consumer taste for any across culture, including categories like Music, Film, TV, Dining, Nightlife, Fashion, Books and Travel. We're currently powering personalization and informing key decisions for market leaders in tech, financial services, entertainment, automotive, fashion, CPG and hospitality. We were named one of Inc. Magazine's top five fastest growing companies in NYC, and in the top 200 in America. We're seeking an experienced Senior React Developer with a depth of experience across modern Javascript applications and who is fully versed in the many idiosyncrasies of styling. **Note this is a Senior level position, so you need to be able to show multiple years of full time experience with React or React-like frameworks.** **Requirements** **WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW** - es6 - Idiomatic React and all of the current patterns like "hooks", "suspense" and "context" - Knowledge of styling quirks across multiple platforms - Javascript literacy beyond React - State management, xstate, redux - SASS - Experience with SPAs - eslint **AND IT WOULD BE NICE IF YOU KNEW** Have experience with other frameworks like Angular React Native GraphQL node.js AWS Lambda Python **Benefits** Insurance, 401k, equity for right candidates