Deep Learning Engineer at Generally Intelligent

Posted on: 05/04/2021

Location: San Francisco (REMOTE)

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Tags: python

tldr; get into deep learning research engineering, no prior machine learning experience required We’re looking for someone who is excited about the chance to build infrastructure for other deep learning researchers (ex: experiment tracking tools, model debugging methods, automated hyperparameter optimzers, developer tooling, etc). We're willing to invest in your growth because it's a strong part of our culture (ex: the whole engineering team worked through Pieter Abbeel’s CS294 last year, including all the homeworks, and some of us also completed CS287 and CS285). For more benefits and example tasks, see the full job description: <> Qualifications: - Are you empathetic, driven, and intellectually curious? - Do you enjoy collaborating and pairing with other developers? - Are you a great software engineer and comfortable with Python? - Do you really care about making a great research culture that helps people feel safe exploring new ideas? About us: We're an early-stage AI research company. Our mission is to understand the fundamentals of learning and build safe, humane machine intelligence. We’re supported by investors including YC, researchers from OpenAI, Lightspeed, and Threshold (formerly DFJ). To apply: