(Senior) Software Engineer at Zivid

Posted on: 06/02/2022

Location: Oslo, Norway (ON-SITE)

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Tags: coverage azure github php docker net python

We are looking for new colleagues to join us at Zivid, one of Norway's most ambitious new technology companies! We have developed the world's most accurate real-time 3D cameras for robotics and industrial applications. Our cameras provide robots and machines with 3D vision. Among many applications, Zivid cameras can be used to recognize randomly distributed parts for pick-and-place, or do in-line quality control of 3D components on a production line. Senior Software Engineer - Cloud: We are looking for a versatile, hands-on, and experienced cloud architect motivated to take charge of Zivid's new cloud initiative. The purpose of the system is to monitor devices in the field, authenticate access to a customer's subscribed services, and provision resources. In collaboration with the leadership team and the rest of the software team, you will get the opportunity to shape this journey and influence the architecture from the early stages. We are looking for mid-level to senior engineers, preferably with 5+ years of experience in designing and implementing cloud solutions - Experience deploying and operating services in a cloud environment, preferably using Infrastructure-as-Code techniques - Experience with .NET, Linux, Azure, and Elastic stack is an advantage. Tech stack: .NET Core WebAPI's, Microsoft Azure, Message Queues, Docker, ELK/Elastic, Github Actions, Bicep, C++, Python. [https://zivid.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=86&source=aWQ9MT...](https://zivid.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=86&source=aWQ9MTE=) | Deadline: June 19th, 2022 Software Engineer: Each Zivid camera undergoes an extensive calibration and production test process to ensure the camera matches the expected accuracy and precision. The Production Test and Calibration team at Zivid is a cross-functional team responsible for developing these systems. As a part of this team, you will be working with C++ and Python development of our calibration and production test software. This software controls the whole calibration process, including capturing images from the cameras, controlling temperature chambers & motor controllers, and calculating the calibration parameters of the cameras. Your tasks include automating the calibration processes further, improving the production speed and throughput, adding support for new hardware (temperature chambers, jigs, motors), extending production test coverage, and enhancing metrics & monitoring around calibration. We are looking for - Solid experience in C++ and Python - M. Sc. or B. Sc. in Computer Science, Information Technology, or similar - 3+ years of work experience is an advantage, but young, talented candidates are encouraged to apply - Experience with production test or calibration software is an advantage. Tech stack: Cross-platform C++17, Python 3.9, OpenCL, Halide, Qt/QML, LLVM, Github Actions, CMake, Catch2, boost, Docker, Vagrant, KVM. [https://zivid.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=71&source=aWQ9MT...](https://zivid.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=71&source=aWQ9MTE=) | Deadline: June 8th, 2022