Senior Experimentation Backend Engineer at Automattic

Posted on: 06/30/2021

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Tags: wordpress pyramid javascript scala php github sql react python

Automattic’s experimentation platform squad (ExPlat) is looking for a self-directed backend engineer to help take ExPlat to the next level! You will partner with our resident engineers and data scientists to maintain and enhance a rock-solid platform for running and analyzing experiments, ranging from simple A/B tests to more exotic approaches. You can learn more about the project by reading our [recent posts]( and checking out [Abacus](, ExPlat’s open-source UI. **What You’ll Do:** * Contribute well-tested code across the ExPlat stack, from the Python/SQL/Scala data processing pipelines, through the PHP/WordPress production back-end, to the JavaScript/React UI and assignment clients. * Help with architecture and product decisions within ExPlat. * Support internal users through experiment and code reviews. * Integrate into a multi-functional team of software engineers, data scientists, and data engineers. **Who You Are:** * You have production experience building backend applications with a variety of languages, frameworks, and systems. * You understand backend challenges around scalability, caching, database load management, and API design. * You have experience working with PHP. * You are familiar with multiple programming languages and paradigms. * You have experience with test automation at all levels of the test pyramid. * You are knowledgeable about design patterns, testability, and maintainability. * You care about code quality and best practices and appreciate robust code review processes. * You are results-oriented, humble, and have an equal willingness and ability to learn, and teach. * You have strong interpersonal skills with experience working autonomously in a diverse, cross-functional team. **Bonus:** * You have experience running A/B tests. * You have WordPress programming experience. * You have experience working with data and visualization. * You have at least a basic understanding of machine learning and statistics. * Most of your workday is between Western US and Western Australia hours.