Principal Cloud Security Engineer at Ori Industries

Posted on: 03/26/2021

Location: United Kingdom (REMOTE)

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Tags: kubernetes

**WHAT'S YOUR NEW ROLE ABOUT?** How would you feel about being the key hire in Information Security in a tech start-up? As a Principal Cloud Security Engineer you would work closely with our Security Architecture & Engineering functions in order to help enable us to manage the risks associated with our tech. You’ll play a key role in our identity management strategy and take lead of implementation, management and operation of security services and controls in the cloud and on-premise. Well if that sounds like an appealing challenge for you in your career, take a closer read! **WHAT WE DO:** Our Edge Cloud Platform is paving the way for a more autonomous, smart & immersive future. New applications are posing unique challenges for global infrastructure: from smart cities, immersive worlds, & autonomous machines — current and future technology is reshaping the way we connect with each other and the world. The scale of this challenge is such that it requires a more intelligent approach to distributed computing. One that involves getting more out of what we have and making the most out of what we build. These challenges mean that the way physical infrastructure interacts with software needs to evolve significantly. At Ori, we are building the technology to achieve this. This is where you come in! #### Requirements **HERE’S A BREAKDOWN OF WHAT YOU’LL DO (NOT ALL OF IT, JUST THE MOST IMPORTANT STUFF)** * Integrate yourself with the various teams across our Technology organisation to embed good security practices * Provide security input and appraisal for solutions delivered to our Architecture Review Board * Design and deliver a security solution that caters to a massively distributed cloud architecture * Identify security risks and threats to the business based on a variety of sources * Help us to deliver security from the start with the potential to become a key member of the team and the driver behind growing our security organisation **THESE ARE THE ESSENTIALS YOU’LL NEED TO SUCCEED IN YOUR ROLE** * In depth knowledge of OS security fundamentals (focussing on Linux) * Significant experience defining and gathering data points for security analysis and correlation with threat intelligence from a variety of sources * Experience with detecting techniques laid out in the MITRE Att&ck framework and deploying suitable countermeasures * Strong understanding of network security, router/switch/firewall logging and netflow data analysis * Knowledge of SIEM and/or EDR solutions and incident management driven from these types of platform * Knowledge of Identity and Access Management approaches and applicable security mechanisms **IT WOULD BE GREAT IF YOU HAD THESE TOO** * Experience with Open Source technologies in the realm of cloud, PaaS/IaaS, containerization and distributed computing * Hands-on experience working with large scale web or cloud architectures desirable * Experience securing Kubernetes or similar systems highly desirable **WHO WE ARE?** Our aspirations are huge but they are influenced by the fundamental belief that we have an Extraordinarily Talented Team of People that propel us forward each and every day. Our EdgeHogs are exceptional and are made up of individuals who are: * **committed to changing the world through technology,** * **committed to each other** * **committed to continuous learning and innovation.** Individually we are creative, driven, and outspoken but are acutely aware that we are all but a small part of an incredible collective who aspires to be remarkable. *We believe diversity and inclusion make us a better company. We also believe that* *Innovation and creativity thrive when diverse points of view and diverse convictions come together to solve complex problems in new ways. We therefore explicitly seek out individuals who can bring diverse life experiences, diverse backgrounds, and diverse cultures to our community.*