Multiple Software & Hardware Engineering Roles at Northrop Grumman

Posted on: 06/03/2022

Location: All 50 U.S. States (ON-SITE)

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Hi everyone, my name is Rich and I'm a SWE in the Space Systems sector within Northrop - not a recruiter or in HR. We have teams across the U.S. that work on some really interesting projects. For example, did you know Northrop Grumman was a prime contractor for the James Webb Space Telescope? We designed & developed the sun shield and also integrated the final spacecraft build. Check it out: []( A lot of positions require a security clearance of course but there are a lot that don't so you can definitely find something that fits what you'd like/want to do. Can honestly say that I've personally learned a lot working here and had the chance to take training classes led by brilliant engineers. We have jobs for all ranges of experience - from new grads to seasoned professionals. Full disclosure: some jobs here have referral bonuses so it would help me & my growing family out if I got to refer some great talent for a role. New baby due in a few months! :) So if you see a job you match up with and feel like helping out a future co-worker, ping me about the position and let me give you a referral before you apply yourself. Don't have to, just if you're feeling nice I guess.