Full Stack Developer at Hive Investments

Posted on: 06/24/2022

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Tags: javascript mongodb tailwind web3 react nft

Hello! The team at Hive Investments are looking for another full time Full Stack Developer to join the team. We are a 3 months old DeFi + NFT protocol, with a following of nearly 40k on Twitter and over 8k in our Discord server. Our goal is to build an entire full fledged ecosystem around our HNY token which currently includes our dApp, multichain NFT marketplace called Hexagon, educational crypto academy called Hive Academy, and an upcoming DeFi platform! ### Skill requirements: * HTML/CSS/JavaScript * Tailwind * React * General full stack developer experience ### Nice to have: * MongoDB experience * Web3 experience ### Key points about Hive: * KYC’d team (team of 25+ people) * Raised 3m+ on initial raise * Completed CertiK audits prior to launch ### Key points about the full time role: * There will be busy periods, although we believe it is a healthy work life balance. Our goal is to ensure you work on average 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. * We don’t push for hard deadlines, rather letting you as the developer be creative and do great work. We understand as a team when you rush things, they go wrong. * As a developer, our expectations are for you to be able to work and think independently as well as take initiative.