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Posted on: 09/04/2021

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**Who We’re Looking For** Hi there 👋 is a… * small team with funding, * doing something that no other competitor is doing, * ...and we need your help to add more awesome sauce to it! We're less concerned about your familiarity with the perfect set of tech skills and more interested that you can learn quickly, work hard, and work smart. That said, we're also big on NOT overworking people. Put in your day of focused, quality work and then... CLOSE. SLACK. * No nights. * No weekends. We're close to fully implementing [Basecamp’s Shape Up Methodology]( to manage our workflow. * No sprinting. * No scrumming. * No death by 10,000 meetings. * No ticket taking assembly line work. * [No one wants to be a code monkey]( Instead, we prefer to... * treat you like an adult, * protect and respect your time, * ...and trust you to get your work done. That all said, we are **hiring specifically for a React Developer** position @ 40 hours per week. But... If you have experience with, or a desire to learn **React Native** / **Ruby on Rails** (neither of which is required) you should be able to hit the ground running on day 1 and that's definitely a huge plus. Our Stack (the high notes): * React * Material UI * Docker * Rails **Who We Are** is a food company, started by a restaurateur who successfully owned and operated many restaurants across the San Francisco Bay Area. But like most restaurants, they were hit hard by the pandemic. Using his connections, knowledge, and experience in the restaurant world he wanted to fundamentally alter how food delivery works for the restaurants, local food makers, farmers, and the customer. * No gig workers (we hire our own folks and pay them all a livable wage). * No more price gouging (100% of food sales goes directly to the food makers). * Control the end-to-end delivery experience (without gig workers, we control the full user experience). * Provide access to reasonably priced, yet very high quality food that is traditionally only available to high end restaurants. **The Onboarding Process** We're not into high-stakes interviews or grueling take-home tests that you "should" be able to do in a few hours. If there is a good fit after an email conversation, and a quick video chat w/ the team, we'll pay you for a small contract job and see how it goes. We're currently seeking a full-time (40 hrs / week), contract position but we're 100% open to full time employment (with benefits) if that’s something that interests you after we’ve successfully worked together. Click the "Apply for this position" button to email me directly 👋 I'm Chris the CTO of Feastin. Be sure to include your... * desired hourly rate, * geographic region (we are only accepting candidates living in the U.S. or Canada), * ...and tell me a little bit about yourself (along with any resources you’d like to link out to). Looking forward to hearing from you! - ***Please note****: Agencies and consulting firms will be dismissed. Feastin does not seek or accept unsolicited resumes or CVs from recruitment agencies.*