Experienced Software Engineer at Insurance Toolkits, LLC

Posted on: 09/27/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: django flutter redis flask postgresql python

We offer an industry leading B2B SaaS platform for insurance agents to run apples-to-apples quotes for the same policy across dozens of different carriers, each having their own idiosyncratic quoting structures. It's a hard problem to solve, but our data-driven approach has propelled us towards cornering this niche market, with many new and exciting problems to solve as we continue to grow quickly. We are on a mission to bring high quality software solutions to an industry that has been lacking in them. We are currently looking for a self motivated experienced Software Engineer to join our team. We are a highly independent and fully remote team. At our heart, we are a web company, but the software that we build extends beyond the web. We are looking for an all around engineer that is comfortable wearing different hats and can be productive across different stacks. This position is 100% remote and only available to people that are authorized to work within the United States. **Job Requirements** * Must be highly proficient at creating quality frontend and backend web applications. * Should have a keen attention to detail. * Ability to learn and work with different technology stacks and become productive quickly. * Ability to work independently, manage priorities, and communicate effectively with other members of the team. **Technical Stack** Most of our code is written in **Python 3**. We use **Django** and **Flask** for our backend services along with **Redis** and **PostgreSQL** as our data-stores. Our web app is built with **Nuxt.js** and our mobile app with **Flutter**. We also do a huge amount of PDF data extraction for which we use Python and **Poppler** along with a suite of custom built tools. **Job Benefits** * Full Time Salaried ($100k/yr) * Reimbursement for Health Insurance up to $3k/yr * 401(k) * PTO