Full stack Product Engineer at Theta

Posted on: 09/23/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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> Theta is hiring great people to help make the next generation of software that empowers creative thinking. **Join us and help empower digital workers everywhere to solve their most challenging problems.** > > 👋 About Theta ============= Software has improved dramatically in recent years and the problems our companies are solving today are more complex than ever. Yet we're still using docs, a tool specifically built for long-form writing, as our core tool for creative thinking and collaboration with our team. *We think we can do better.* At [Theta](http://usetheta.com), we're building the missing visual thinking tool to empower you to effortlessly map out your ideas in an infinite 2d space, reference information from your other systems (code, designs, analytics), and make sense of complexity that is modern work. We believe visual thinking is the fastest, most effective way to think creatively and communicate with clarity across teams. We have fantastic investors who have backed companies like Heroku, PagerDuty, and Circle CI. 💪 Our Team ========== We're builders and we care a ton about product quality, from the engineering to the small details of user experience. We're huge believers in remote + distributed teams and have worked remotely for large parts of our careers. When we became frustrated with the existing tools for creative thinking and collaboration, we decided to build Theta. Our CEO Eric is a full-stack engineer with a big focus on user experience and has lead product engineering teams at successful developer tools companies like Keen IO (exited) and Lightstep (recently acquired by ServiceNow). Our first engineering hire, Luiza, has lead engineering teams at ThoughtWorks, Dell, & Gap, is core contributor to Etherpad (the popular real-time collaborative text editor), and has significant experience building multi-player products. We're fully distributed and will always be a remote-first company. We're looking for people that appreciate what remote work is like and are excited to contribute to making us one of the world's best remote teams. ⭐ Our Values ============ - **Aim to delight:** We think software can be a lot more delightful to use. There's a certain feel to the work produced by people who care deeply about quality, and we want to be those people. - **Speed wins:** We think that all else being equal, the fastest company wins. We aim to deliver fast and impress our users with a constant stream of improvement. - **Kindness first:** We think there's no reason to be anything other than kind. We think you can have a very high bar and be very direct while also being very kind. - **Build together:** We think the best work is produced by groups of people with high trust who collaborate deeply to come up with creative solutions. This means exchanging help and ideas on our work very frequently. 🚀 Impact you'll have ==================== We're looking for people who are excited to: * Participate in crafting the direction of our product * Build a product where interactions are instant * Help build our company culture & make Theta an incredible place to work * Create a best-in-class multi-player product that feels butter smooth * Make the world's best visual thinking and collaboration tool * Use the product you work on every day 🤖 Our Stack =========== * React/Redux * Tailwind * 100% Typescript * Express.js * Postgres * Vercel, Render, AWS S3 🎯 Who would do well on this team ================================ You'd thrive on this team if some of the points below apply to you: * Excited to join a tiny engineering team and have significant, direct responsibility for major projects * Fluent in Javascript or Typescript and some of our core libraries & technologies: React, Redux, Tailwind, Express, Postgres * Are very independent and self-directed, identifying the right things to work on and solving your own problems * Worked at 1 or more startups before and know what it's like * Care about browser performance and are will dive deep to ensure things are fast * Comfortable debugging gnarly UI issues as well as building clean and performant APIs * Care about product quality and having a solid & fast test suite 🧰 What the job is like ====================== Some of the things that define what it's like to be a Theta engineer: * We write a ton of code. We don't do long planning sessions – we dive right in and start figuring things out as we go. * We over-communicate: We communicate early and often. We write detailed PR descriptions, bug reports, or docs for our ideas. * We work to achieve pixel perfect designs. * We're accountable for the quality and delivery of our work. * We ask for help when we need it (instead of disappearing) and we offer help when our teammates need it (instead of being focused only on your own work). * We talk about what the user experiences often during our work. Be sure to mention the words **ANGER PEASANT THRIVE** when applying to show you read the job post completely. This is a beta feature to avoid spam applicants. Salary and compensation ======================= $60,000 — $150,000/year Location ======== Anywhere