A developer who appreciates the finer keyboards in life at ZSA

Posted on: 11/02/2021

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Tags: redux coverage rails github mobx graphql react

We make some of the world's most powerful ergonomic keyboards: The Moonlander. ErgoDox EZ, and Planck EZ. You will be helping us vastly improve our [configurator](https://configure.zsa.io), Oryx, a Rails 6/React 17 app with complex state management based on mobX State Tree (not Redux!), deep test coverage, and a GraphQL API. You would also get to work on [Wally](https://github.com/zsa/wally/), our keyboard-flashing tool, which is open-source and written in Go (yup, you'll be paid to work on open-source projects). We have big plans for Oryx and Wally, with a number of major products in the pipeline. You're not a rockstar, nor a ninja. Hopefully you're simply a nice human being who wants to make solid software together with our small team and enjoys learning new technologies and contributing to open-source projects. You will not have to answer silly riddles as part of our hiring process. We're a tiny company, and we don't hire often. We're bootstrapped and have a calm culture, no VC panic here. You'd be working with me (Erez Zukerman, the CEO, who's also a Rails/React dev); with Florian, our senior developer; Jo, our talented designer; and with a handful of other exceptional (and nice!) people. We'd be using simple, low-ceremony tools like [Shortcut](http://shortcut.com), Telegram, and some lightweight scrum (nothing crazy). We don't have daily calls, just one weekly meeting. We're spread across many timezones -- you don't have to be in North America. As part of the job, you will of course be getting one of our keyboards, fully specced out to your liking. Actually, bonus points if you already happen to have one. ;) You'll be taking care of Oryx (React, Rails), Wally (Go, open-source), and parts of QMK (C, open-source), along with a bunch of fun ops stuff (CI/CD and other build automation). There's a lot here — it's a deep role for someone who enjoys learning. This doesn't mean you have to know everything on day one or come with the perfect background — learning on the job is the best kind of learning, IMHO. I have been working remotely for close to 20 years now, so I get the culture. This is not about the hours — it's about producing some great work together and making a sizable dent in the universe of mechanical keyboards (and maybe some other things, in the future!). For the right candidate, the role pays around $5-6k USD/mo and has a great deal of stability and potential for growth (turnover is very low at ZSA). As we grow together, we may be able to offer more in the future. I am not into resumés — please don't send one. Instead, we have a Typeform for you to fill out. We'll be personally reviewing each and every reply (no AI filters here!). We will only be able to get back to people who make it to the next stage of the hiring process — so thank you in advance for your time.