React Native Developer at Maple

Posted on: 05/15/2021

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**Opportunity:** * Once in a lifetime chance to join a fast pace startup. * Work hand in hand with the founders daily, and learn from [serial entrepreneurs]( with years of executive experience. * Learn from enterprise level React Native and Ruby on Rails engineers that have been scaling these technologies for years. * Ventured backed business, led by [Inspired Capital]( * Come help us reshape the world of parenting. **Job Description** Maple is reinventing how parents receive help on any given day. To accomplish this we are looking for a React Native engineer to work on our mobile app building upon our existing foundations around code structure, UI, and communicating with our GraphQL API. **You will be responsible for** * Implementing new product features. * Iterating on, bug fixing, optimizing existing product features. * Upgrading required libraries and refactoring as needed. * Shipping OTA updates to our production app via Expo. **Relevant Experience** * Worked on a React Native app shipped to both iOS and Android. * Built custom UI components. * Used Apollo Client for making GraphQL requests. * Familiarity with React Navigation 5. * Testing with Jest. * Familiarity with Expo. * Experience with Git and Github. **Bonus Experience** * Typescript. * Ruby on Rails. * React Native Web. * Implementing designs from Figma. * GraphQL Subscriptions. * Familiarity with OAuth 2.0 login flows. **About our company:** * []( * Our Mission is to make the quality of life better for families. * We are a family oriented business, and we want you to enjoy yours. * We are big on learning, and want you to teach us. * We are a completely distributed team, currently with teammates all over America and Canada. **Details** * **United States or Canadian resident.** **Location** * Does not matter, this is a completely distributed team. Though we work in EST / PST so preferably North America. **Perks** * Air Pod Pros. * Book bar. * Company Swag. **Operating hours** * PST through EST. **Interested? Contact** Hiring Manager: Mike Taylor - CTO & Co-Founder Email: []( Twitter: @sealabcore