Senior UI/UX Designer at Anoma (Heliax)

Posted on: 04/23/2022

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Senior UI/UX Designer ===================== **Overview** The primary project of Heliax is the [Anoma]( protocol. Anoma is a sovereign, proof-of-stake blockchain protocol that enables private, asset-agnostic cash and private bartering amongst any number of parties. In addition to Anoma, Heliax works on open-source projects which are part of the Anoma ecosystem, including cryptographic libraries such as the [MASP]( and tools for high assurance validity predicates and arbitrary zero-knowledge circuits ([Juvix]( Heliax is a remote-first team, currently composed of cross-disciplinary members located around the world. All of our work is open-source. Our work culture is characterized by open-allocation, where team members have a high degree of freedom and autonomy in choosing when to work, what to work on, and whom to work with. **Responsibilities** * Prototyping & designing user interfaces and user experiences (and respective visual assets) from scratch from written specifications & mock-ups. * Work very closely with the team lead on gaining context and understanding of the goals of the project(s) within the Anoma ecosystem. * Bootstrap projects that are large in scope in a scalable way, so that it can facilitate the collaboration and contributions from other designers in the team. * Work very closely with the development team on clarifying and providing bi-directional feedback on the implemented wireframes, prototypes, and graphic assets– so that strategy, project goals, design, and implementation are in alignment. * Designing interfaces for cross web applications, such as browser extensions and web applications. * Designing the interfaces that provide a great UX across devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) and are compatible with e.g. the technical specifications of the latter (e.g. screen resolution). * Organize, plan and provide estimations and timelines on each project and subprojects. **Projects** Here are some of the projects that the team is working on: * Anoma Extension: * Description: A browser extension that works as the 1st step for all users. It is a Key Management System (KMS) that enables users to generate a master seed phrase and auto derive accounts on Anoma, later to access, manage the keys to e.g. sign transactions or use the viewing key. * Sample of key features: * Support for file-based keys * Support for [Ledger]( hardware wallet connectivity (keys are generated on the Ledger HSM) * Generation of master seed phrase * Auto derivation of keys for transparent and shielded accounts * Anoma Wallet: * Description: Anoma's browser based multi-asset wallet that allows users to send and receive transparent and shielded transfers. * Sample of key features: * List all assets (any digital asset) on Anoma, which include NFTs. * Able to send/receive shielded and transparent transactions * Transactions can optionally be offsetting carbon * Display transaction history * Organization Websites: * * * Project websites: * Anoma: <> * MASP: <> * Juvix: <> **Qualifications** * You LOVE designing delectable end-user interfaces and experiences that are intuitive and accessible for as many people as possible. * You are passionate about emerging technologies and industries, such as the Anoma project and its ecosystem. You are thrilled about being the first in solving UI/UX problems that are specific to Anoma’s end-user interfaces and in making the cutting-edge features of the protocol accessible for as many people as possible. * You have +5 years of experience in the field **(please submit your portfolio, links of projects that are currently live, pet projects, descriptions or anything that can provide information about your past work)**. * You have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience and knowledge in a field applicable to the role and its projects. * During your professional experience, you have worked closely with developers and have a good understanding of the front-end development stack & tools (e.g. JavaScript, Git). * You have mastered designer tools (or otherwise are able to pick them up quickly), such as Figma, Invision for prototypes, design systems and wireframes; and other design tools for the creation of visual assets such as Illustrator or Photoshop. * Proactive at communicating, both verbally and in written form, and coordinating with the team. * Self-organized and autonomous, expect minimal management in a flexible and remote work environment. * Verbal and written fluency in English in order to communicate in the organization or make presentations internally. **Bonus Qualifications** * Designed on applications and end-user interfaces in the blockchain industry. * Have used applications or products of the blockchain industry before. * Passionate about emerging technologies and excited about their possible impacts in the world. * Experience with front-end development. * Organized, participated, and/or spoken at UI/UX and designer meetups or conferences and enjoys being involved with open-source communities. * Fluency in other languages. **Misc.** Preferred if residing within (+/- 3 hours) Central European time zones. Ideally someone who enjoys travel, nature and hiking. Often we find that products are best designed not in a meeting room but rather on a trail 🏔.