Senior C++ Software Engineer - ArcGIS Runtime at Esri

Posted on: 08/19/2021

Location: Redlands (ON-SITE)

full time

Glassdoor: 3.0 / 5 | Original Source

Tags: android ios

Bring your passion for C++ to help us develop a cross platform GIS API that runs on the latest mobile devices using the latest compilers and C++ standards. This is a great opportunity to design and develop next-gen Esri technology. We love making a difference and leading the way in developing innovative technology. **Responsibilities:** * Build C++ software components that follow industry-standard design patterns, development methodologies, and deployment models * Develop excellent software for use in field mapping, data collection, sensor networks, street navigation, and more * Collaborate with other programmers and developers throughout the development process * Define user requirements; design and develop applications and APIs for devices * Ensure that ArcGIS software meets real-world usage scenarios * Solve and articulate complex problems with application design, development, and user experiences **Requirements:** * 5+ years of commercial software development experience * Fluent in and passionate about modern C++ (C++11 and higher, STL, Boost, Clang, MSVC) * Object oriented design skills * Understanding of algorithms and design patterns * Ability to work closely with the team to build quality software in a constantly evolving environment * Effective time management and organizational skills * Excellent written and verbal communication skills * Bachelor’s in computer science, engineering, mathematics, GIS, or related field, depending on position level (master’s preferred) **Recommended Qualifications:** Experience with one or more of the following technologies: * iOS, Android * C++/CX * Qt * OpenGL or DirectX * Linux, Windows, or OSX * GIS * Web services