Senior Software Engineer - Graphics at Major League Baseball

Posted on: 10/01/2021

Location: NYC or SF (ON-SITE)

Crunchbase | Glassdoor: 3.0 / 5 | Original Source

Tags: svelte javascript react python vue

* Strong command of a language to quickly prototype from data to a clean, shareable, proof-of-concept (eg. Javascript, Python, R, Mathematica). * Experience with and passion for web graphics technologies and libraries, like WebGL, d3, and three.js. * Full stack experience building web applications using modern frontend frameworks (eg. React, Vue, Svelte). * Great communication skills in order to work closely with domain experts who may be less technical. * A curiosity for challenges that involve communicating baseball data to various audiences. Here are some past projects people have worked on: Pitch3D: [\_id=477...]( PitchMix: [\_2021]( FieldVision: <> Sprint Speed Scrolly-Telling Article: <>