Fullstack Software Engineer - Java at zooplus AG

Posted on: 04/01/2021

Location: Madrid (ON-SITE)

full time

Glassdoor: 3.0 / 5 | Original Source

Tags: jest javascript ramda ux typescript grafana kotlin jenkins arrow rds aws terraform sns kibana vue

Hello! I am a member of a development team in zooplus. We are looking for **Fullstack Software Engineers**to complete our teams in Madrid. You will be part of our **Central Campaigns/Promotions team.** This team is responsible for all **campaigns** and **promotions** in all markets by creating sophisticated systems capable of automatically reacting to customers, market and supplier needs. We aim to ensure that all of our customers get the **best possible value proposition** by offering competitive prices, promotions and discounts. ****Our environment:**** * We like to learn and deliver good **quality** products and for that we think that **continuous delivery**, **clean code** and **DevOps** mindset it is the best way to do it. * **Scrum** is our way of work, and we feel like **agile environmen**t it is not only inside the team, our managers also believe in it and the **organization is already aligned to it**. * The environment is **very friendly** and sometimes we do some activities together after work also of course with other teams. * We are used to learning from each others, this way we can share knowledge between us and of course from newcomers like you. * The daily tasks are related to develop new features, maintain team products and improve all the infrastructure we need for it, so we also would like to have a colleague that likes to be **cross-functional.** * **English** is the official language of the company, we have mates from other countries inside our teams sometimes or we call to synchronize with other teams located in Krakow or Munich **be able to communicate in English** is a must. **Things we do on a daily base:** * Working with agile methodologies. * UI development using Vue.js in vanilla Javascript using RamdaJS, although we also use Typescript. * We also use UX practices to design or modify our Interface. * Microservice approach using mainly Kotlin. * Integration with other company system tools is done by async messaging. * Functional programming mindset is used in both front and backend. Ramda.js is used in the frontend and Arrow.kt in the backend. * Testing all our new features. ****Our current stack:**** * Java, Java Lambdas * Javascript ES6 * Vue.js * Kotlin * Jest, Karate * MockK * Amazon Web Services (RDS, SQS, SNS, etc) * Cloud infrastructure (Terraform, cli...) * CI/CD with Jenkins pipeline * Kibana, Grafana ****What we are looking for:**** * **2****+ years** in software development * Experience with **Vue.js, Javascript, HTML & CSS** * Experience with **Java 8 or higher and Java lambdas** * Experience with test design and unit testing * Knowledge of Jest, Kotlin, AWS and Terraform is a plus * Agile mindset willing to learn all the team duties * Team player * Able to understand and apply design patterns * English at working language level **What We Are Offering You** Become a part of our success story and seize the opportunity to take on a real challenge in a dynamically growing company where there is huge scope for development and short decision-making processes. We are offering you a versatile, international-facing role in our motivated team with colleagues from all over Europe. Our Spanish office is at a great location in Madrid, with great infrastructure links. Additionally, we offer many competitive benefits such as: * Competitive salary * 28 days’ vacation (plus Dec 24 and 31 when they fall on a labor day) * Medical insurance * Flexible working hours * Discount in zooplus shop