Junior Software Agency Manager at NDZN.GG

Posted on: 05/12/2022

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**THE WORK** ============ We are a small, but ambitious, agency with a lot of requests coming from all angles, for projects of all sizes. Currently, our most commonly used project management systems are... the Director’s brain, and also a project-specific Slack channel. We are looking to get organized and we need your help! **Phase 1:** Learn about the team, their capacity, the project management tool (Productive.io) and deeply understand the types of projects we work with: * One-off tasks, or small single-milestone projects * Larger multi-milestone projects * Archive and un-archive old projects reliably (changes/bugfixes come in all the time) * Ensure everyone can see a 1-page summary of all their tasks at any time **Phase 2:** Stay on the team part-time to maintain this system! * Keep track of projects’ Slack channels. * Heavily assist the team with creating tasks/bugs, adding screenshots/descriptions/deadlines. * Manage workload & deadlines & nudge people to update their progress in the system. * Speak with the Director daily to funnel new projects & tasks into the system. * Discuss goals & priorities with the Director every day, and adjust the project management tool accordingly. THE IDEAL FIT ============= * Experienced with task management or project management apps. Experience organizing an asynchronous team of designers/developers? * Someone who understands software development & the collaboration tools used (e.g. designing with Adobe/Figma tools, contributing code with GitHub). Some web development experience would really help. * Someone with excellent organizational skills. Do you think you’d be good at tracking progress for many jobs of many sizes? * Someone with an excellent English writing and speaking ability, & enjoys writing in particular. CREATE YOUR OWN POSITION ======================== We are a young company — we have found a tool that works for us, but it has become clear that projects need someone keeping track. **Every day, help us manage:** * what work needs to be done * when the work should ideally be finished * what everybody is doing & when they think they’ll be finished You will be communicating via Slack messages on a daily basis. You are free to schedule voice calls with anyone from the team, but we don’t imagine you’ll need to do that often. BENEFITS ======== Unlimited holiday, and the ability to choose your own working hours (though we do ask that you are contactable 7 days a week — see “Salary & Hours” section below). This is a relaxed, independent working environment, with an asynchronous communication style. Most of our existing "project management" occurs in Slack channels where we post updates on our progress. You will be added to every project’s channel. SALARY & HOURS ============== Our budget currently allows for $800 per month, part-time contract. Raises & bonuses are definitely negotiable upon successful integration into the team. Again, this is a part-time job — as long as task boards are kept up-to-date, and daily communication with the Director is maintained, everyone’s happy. We do ask that you are contactable 7 days a week (having Slack on your mobile is sufficient) because there may not be work every day.