Site Reliability Engineer - remote at HiveMQ

Posted on: 09/10/2021

Location: (ON-SITE)

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Tags: cortex prometheus azure github loki golang kubernetes aws terraform

HiveMQ | Landshut & Remote from: Germany, UK, Spain, Austria, Switzerland | Site Reliability Engineer / Full Stack Engineer HiveMQ (<>) is providing a highly scalable and reliable MQTT broker that has already been battle-tested by German industry leaders ranging from the automotive and energy industry to major Internet Service providers. Tech stack: Java, VueJS, Kubernetes, AWS/Azure, Cortex/Prometheus/Loki, GitOps (ArgoCD, Github Actions), Terraform, Golang (for future projects) We're offering our MQTT broker as a managed service (SaaS) under the product umbrella of HiveMQ Cloud. We want to enable startups, students, hobbyists and industry leaders to dive into the Internet of Things (IoT) without risking vendor lock-in by using the MQTT industry standard instead of relying on proprietary protocols. We're currently serving customers at AWS and Azure but we have ambitions to be in the marketplaces of all major cloud providers in 2022. We're a young, ambitious and growing team looking for Full Stack Engineers and Site Reliability Engineers with a strong focus on building a quality product for our customers. * Site Reliability Engineer: <> * Full Stack Engineer: <> * Lots of other (also non-engineering) roles: <> From: <>