Engineers, Data Analysts, Managers, Designers, Product at Tegus

Posted on: 06/04/2022

Location: Full-time (US), Contractor (US, PL) (REMOTE)

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<> We’re a team of engineers, designers, product managers, data scientists and more coming together to redefine financial research. We believe that small teams of smart, talented people can have enormous, outsized impact on the company and the industry. We come from a huge variety of backgrounds; in particular, most Tegus employees have no prior experience in finance. We value hard work, ingenuity and outside perspectives in all parts of the product development process. Tegus helps companies make better decisions. Using interviews with experts, financial filings, and other data, Tegus creates a compelling insights for decision makers. Our products and services help our customers discover answers to the most challenging questions they face. Tegus is growing quickly: we've gone from just 15 people in 2018 to more than 400 today. Despite growing so quickly, we've always run our business in a sustainable way. We've generated significant free cash flow every year we've been in business and do not need outside investment to continue operating. We're based in Chicago but our team is distributed and all of our tech team roles are fully remote friendly.