ReactJS Web Developer - EU Only/Remote/SaaS (m/f/d) at SocialHub

Posted on: 11/05/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: jest redux moment android babel github ios ux typescript javascript react

**DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU?** * You like to build clean and well structured Software that your clients love to use. * You’ve been making your way through the world of frontend frameworks for at least 3 years, have developed a variety of applications and have an understanding of the good and the bad aspects of each framework. * Your ReactJS skills are strong. You know how to build large and scalable web applications. * You know how to spot performance issues and how to resolve them. * Using a DVCS like git comes natural to you. * You enjoy working within a team, helping fellow team members find elegant solutions to complicated problems and would happily jump into a code review at a moment's notice. * You have to be located within the EU. **YOUR REQUIREMENTS FOR THE JOB** * At least 3 years of commercial experience * Strong proficiency in modern JavaScript, browsers (and their quirks) including stylesheets and DOM manipulation. * Previous commercial experience building component-based web applications. * A practical approach to development including the reuse of shared components and open source projects rather than always reinventing the wheel. * In-depth knowledge of the ReactJS ecosystem including Redux, Redux-Saga, Reselect, Styled Components. * An appreciation of good UI/UX design and the ability to translate wireframes into high quality, reusable code. * Fluid in the different approaches to storing and structuring data (e.g. Immutable Structures). * An understanding of test driven development with frameworks like Jest. * Experience with browser-based debugging and performance optimisation. * Common development tools such as Git, Babel, Create-React-App and Yarn have been part of your toolkit for a while. * Some experience with React Native. Even if it was a small demo or side project. * Startup-Spirit (ambition, flexibility & willingness to experiment) **THESE SKILLS WOULD BE BENEFICAL FOR YOU** * Knowledge of some of the new cutting-edge ECMAScript features. * If you have experience with web workers and/or progressive webapps, you would definitely be hitting the ground running by bringing in new skills into the team! * Some exposure to Typescript. * Mobile app development in either/both the iOS and Android ecosystems. * Commercial React Native experience. * Experience iteratively moving/upgrading an older code base to a newer platform. (We are currently migrating BackboneJS to ReactJS) * Regular contributor or author to an open source project. **WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER** * Flexible working hours and the possibility to work remotely. * An enthusiastic and friendly team in a productive working environment. * Varied and challenging activities in a constantly growing and future-oriented industry. * Great coaching and development opportunities. We have an annual budget for external training courses and conferences. We previously attended GitHub Universe in London and Amsterdam. * An afternoon each sprint (every 2 weeks) to work on something that interests you. Want to learn a new programming language? That’s fine by us. It doesn't have to be work-related. It’s there to help you expand your skill set and keep the creative juices flowing. * Always a cold Fritz-Kola in the fridge (if you decide to stop by our office). * Join us for whole company get-togethers. Our past retreats have been in Belgium, Prague & Spain. Our next one is in Portugal.