Sr Frontend Engineer at Flymachine

Posted on: 05/03/2022

Location: Bay Area, NYC, or Remote in US (preferred) or Europe (ON-SITE)

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Tags: grpc graphql typescript react kafka kubernetes net

Flymachine was conceived by the founders of Ticketfly, Superfly, [namethemachine], and ATC Management. The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are seeking Frontend Engineers to work with our small but expert team to architect, develop, and oversee a robust platform for virtual event ticketing and streaming. As a fast-paced, early-stage startup, we require a skilled technical engineer and leader to develop various complex features around the platform, limit technical debt, and scale our services layer to hundreds of thousands of concurrent streaming users. Links to open roles: - <> Tech stack includes: C# .NET 5 microservices, Kubernetes, GraphQL, GRPC, Kafka, Typescript, React, WebRTC Keywords: distributed systems, microservices, streaming, webrtc, graphql, .net, react, next.js If interested, send an email to jobs [at] flymachine [dot] com.