Operations Assistant at Building Remote

Posted on: 07/20/2021

Location: (REMOTE)


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This is a fully remote, contract position. We prefer that candidates be located in the US. **Responsibilities** ==================== *The below lays out responsibilities that we see as the highest priorities at this point in time. This list may expand as time passes and the business grows.* **Inbox Management** * Management of founder’s inbox, maintain organization and cleanliness * Draft and/or send responses when appropriate * Regularly share an overview of messages; surface important messages to founder * Add pertinent invites to founder’s calendar / collaborate with personal assistant on calendar **Operations** * Collaborate with founder to create an excellent client experience * Distill 1) Loom recordings from founder or clients and/or 2) notes from meetings into usable documents or action items (we are very open on how to further automate this) * Offer process optimization suggestions * Create and manage systems (some are already in existence - we are big into systems, automation and minimizing mundane work as much as possible) **Project Management** * Assist with establishing operating cadence in various tools such as Airtable, Asana, etc. * Help ensure tasks are completed and on time **Contracts and Financial** * Send contracts and invoices as needed (some of this is being automated right now) * Pay invoices as needed * Run financial reports **Miscellaneous** * Collaborate with personal assistant on other items as needed * Assist with other tasks that may arise from time to time or as your role grows **Requirements** ================ **Skills** * Highly organized * Strong time management * Self-starter * Attention to detail * Quality communication **Experience** * Previous experience in an administrative role (executive assistance, virtual assistance, operations, etc.) * Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, Calendar, etc.) * Slack * Asana * Zapier * Airtable (or, at least, Excel/Google Sheets) * Remote work experience * Project management experience **Bonus points if …** * You’re willing to nerd out about remote work productivity, systems creation, psychology in business (extra bonus if you’ve used Zapier along with this) * You’re interested in working for a mission driven organization * You take your work more seriously than you take yourself * Your obsession with spreadsheets (Airtable is even better) and organization weirds out your friends * You are a Slack gif guru Pay range (exact dependent on experience): $20-$30/hr