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Posted on: 06/03/2022

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FullStory | Atlanta, GA or REMOTE (USA & Canada) | <> Senior Systems Engineer, iOS Looking for deep systems programing experience. This role is about taking things apart and seeing what makes them tick, not building new apps. (The initial coding challenge is reverse engineering a binary to find some magic numbers. It was probably the most fun interview question I've ever seen.) iOS-specific experience is a plus, but not a strict requirement. We use Objective-C with a small amount of Swift for the iOS-specific parts, and Rust for the core library that is shared between Android and iOS. USA: [\_src=48c7cad32us]( Canada: [\_src=48c7cad32us]( --- That one is for my team, but we also have lots of openings for the web and backend teams - TypeScript, Go (Golang), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Kubernetes, gRPC, Bigtable, Solr, etc, as well as non-engineering roles in PM, HR, Sales, Support, and more - see the full list at [\_src=48c7cad32us]( --- FullStory provides "Digital Experience Intelligence" - privacy-focused session replay and analytics for web and mobile apps. Basically, we help you find how and where your end-users are getting stuck. We can even rank the issues based on estimated ROI impact. Mobile replays look like a cross between a video and a wireframe because we record and replay the draw calls, but we redact privacy-sensitive information on the device. (This allows us to use a fraction of the bandwidth/cpu/battery/etc. that recording an actual video would take.) On the web, we use the DOM MutationObserver API to produce a similarly magical result. All the usual benefits: equity, healthcare, 401k matching, self-directed PTO, option to work from home even if you're near an office. FullStory was striving for "remote equal" before everyone went remote, and we're very good at it. I've been remote for 15+ years across a number of jobs and FullStory handles it far better than any other place I've worked. If you have any question, feel free to comment here or email me directly: nathan@[company site]. FullStory is an awesome place to work. Seriously, the best job yet in my career! It's a very welcoming place, so if you're at all interested, please apply. Even if the initial role doesn't work out, we might have something else that does. From: <>