Senior Devops Engineer at The Agile Monkeys

Posted on: 06/23/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: vpc azure serverless s3 ecs oracle cloudfront cloudformation ansible aws terraform

What we are looking for ======================= Hi. It's nice to see you around 👋. We know how hard it is to read a job offer, and we appreciate your time, so l**et's go straight to the point:** We are looking for a pragmatic, proactive **Senior DevOps Engineer** who loves to design, create and maintain Cloud architectures (AWS, Azure, OCI), looks for creative solutions, wants to learn and continue growing, and understands the importance of soft skills. **We are looking for someone who has expertise in:** * **Design, architecture** (multi-region and multi-layer), deployment, and configuration of AWS solutions (ECS, EC2, VPC, S3, EBS, CloudFormation, CloudFront, Elastic Search, etc..) * **Networking** management. * Codifying, managing, and testing **infrastructure as code**. * **Configuration management tools.** * **Security operations.** * **Firewall (WAF) architecture design and planning**, including the configuration of **rules** and **policies**, specifically for CISCO and Barracuda products. **It would be great to also have expertise in:** * **Architecture, design, and management of Azure, Oracle Cloud, or any other Cloud provider.** * **Networking**: switch and firewall configurations and network design. * **Infrastructure automation** using Terraform/Ansible. **You will be a good candidate if you:** * Have **strong leadership** and **communicate very well** with both technical and non-technical people. * Are a **good team player**. * Like the remote environment. We are a **remote-first company.** * Take ownership of the project and you’re **self-driven**. * **Understand the importance of soft skills.** **Preferred location:** * The job is **remote**, but it’s better if you’re in a time zone between GMT - 7 and GMT + 2 About us ======== We are a team of full-stack senior software engineers offering development services that focus on **serverless applications, microservices, and event-driven architectures.** Our philosophy is to work remotely, trust people and their work, and have a team to support each other. **Our foundations** * We love our team and our clients. **We are a people-first company.** * We l**ove flexible schedules.** * We don’t like micromanagement and control. **We prefer people to take ownership of the tasks and projects.** * **Every single person can impact the company.** * **We know the importance of mental health**. We have two coaches on the team! * **We are a flat company**, and we don’t like taboos. We can talk about everything. * **We don’t like unnecessary meetings**. Who does? * We value **code quality** and love **clean code**!