Senior Software Engineer - Platform at Criya

Posted on: 04/23/2022

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[👉 Apply Now]( ===================================================== About Criya =========== You’ll join the founding team and partner with our CEO [**Deb**](, a passionate Product leader, Technologist and a Creator with 150,000 followers and CTO [**Danis**](, a serial entrepreneur, early Linkedin employee and experienced technology leader. Together, we’ll solve some of the biggest monetization challenges 50M+ creators face today. The creator economy (a $100 billion market) suffers from the 99:1 problem - only the top 1% make the most money from brand endorsements, while the remaining 99% struggle to make a recurring income. We are here to empower the 99% of talented and passionate creators globally, with the opportunity to turn their passion into a livelihood. We are a small team with a big vision and are growing rapidly. Funded by top-tier Silicon Valley VC and angel investors we are well positioned to build a powerful platform for solo entrepreneurs across the globe. About our stack and process =========================== * Our backend is mostly in Ruby on Rails. * Our front-end is mostly in React. * Typesense powers our search engine. * We're not religious about any particular technology — we believe in using the right tool for a given problem. About this role =============== You’ll be instrumental in the design and development of Criya's backend platform. It's an ambitious and complex product, with a ton of engineering challenges. Simplifying complexity and building technology that is robust and scalable is your North Star. Criya is a product-driven company on a massive emerging market and we value good software development practices. You'll be working on a beloved product with a lot of usage and visibility in the small business community. You'll be working with bright creative energetic people who are extremely passionate about their work. You'll be a key early software engineer working closely alongside our CTO, frontend and product folks. You'll own your work, to build, test and iterate quickly. Qualifications/Skills ===================== * 5+ years of experience in Software Development and strong technical experience with building distributed web and mobile applications. * Ability to write clean, maintainable code. * Experience with functional or imperative programming languages -- e.g., Python, Ruby, Go, C, or Java. * Hands-on experience with NodeJS, ReactJS, Angular, Microservices * Experience working with MongoDB/Postgres/MySQL and ElasticSearch/Typesense/Algolia. * Experience working with open-source projects. * Experience working with AWS, GCP, MS Azure, Render or DigitalOcean. * Good English communication skills. * (Optional) Understanding of CI/CD paradigm. * (Optional) Basic knowledge of docker/kubernetes. * (Optional) Have worked with Redis, RabbitMQ. Benefits ======== * Compensation at the high end or top of market for a Series Seed/A startup, with full health insurance coverage and other standard benefits. * Remote-first work environment. * Flexible Hours & Location * Unlimited PTO * Health, vision and dental insurance * A truly flexible, trust-based, performance driven work culture. * Once in a lifetime chance to be an early team member at a company that’s re-imagining a massive category Does this role sound like a good fit? [👉 Apply Now]( =====================================================