Backend Engineer at Maybe

Posted on: 09/09/2021

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Tags: serverless ecs sql lambda node typescript postgres rds graphql

**About the job** ================= As Backend Engineer at [Maybe](, you'll be responsible for the server side code and APIs of our web applications. You'll be involved in the entire product development lifecycle including the design, development, deployment and maintenance of new and existing features. This is a data and external API-heavy position, with a lot of time spent reconciling numbers, dealing with third-party APIs and making sure everything plays nice together. Ultimately, you'll be the driving force behind all backend activities.The tech stack ============== We're still in very early days of Maybe, and as such, much of the tech stack is rapidly changing. Flexibility is key here and your input and expertise on the stack is very much wanted. On a base level, experience with the following tech is a major pro: * SQL (we use Postgres, primarily) * TypeScript * Node * GraphQL * Serverless * Amazon Web Services (RDS, ECS, Lambda, KMS, CloudWatch) About you ========= * You've built complex backends in TypeScript/Node, but you also know other languages. * You've shipped large applications with many components and data structures. * You've worked with different databases and know how to optimize complex queries. * You have a proven ability to design interfaces that stand the test of time. * You have experience building and working on distributed systems. * You have experience integrating complex 3rd party APIs * You are strong self-manager, capable of being a "CEO" of your area. Compensation ============ * $187,500 per year * 3% raise every rear * 10% annual equity bonus * *Minimum* vacation policy (we expect you to take *at least* 4 week off per year)