Back End Developer: PHP, MySQL, AWS at Binary Evolution

Posted on: 09/16/2021

Location: (ON-SITE)

full time

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Tags: wordpress drupal php sql mysql javascript

We are looking for a full-time back-end developer and database administrator with mid-to-advanced level experience in: PHP, MySQL, Smarty 3, SASS, HTML5, and Javascript. **What will your day look like?** You will be working along side other seasoned developers to create new features and add to our existing internal framework. This might entail integrating a new API, creating a new end point for data, adding a new security module or log-in method, or customizing existing features for a client’s needs. We believe strongly in reusability and love to work with people that want to build better components to make the next project faster and easier to implement. We are a fun group that enjoys our work, collaborating, and making cool and innovative tools and software. If you love to develop our goal is that most days feel more like fun than ‘work.’ **Benefits** We offer a lot of benefits, from your daily work to nice extras including… * Sane work schedules * Competitive salary * Respect for you, your time, and your contributions * Options for flexible time (we are not all 8-5 people) * A fun work environment * Paid vacation time * Health, dental, vision, and life insurance * Other wellness benefits (subscriptions, equipment) * 401K with matching * Best in class tools - Software and hardware. If you prefer to use your own system we offer cost sharing as well * Family focus - We want you to be there for the important events and will work with you on schedules to make sure you are Skills & requirements --------------------- We need more great team members to continue our growth. We look for quality over quantity and have purposefully kept ourselves a small, highly talented team. Hiring the best candidate is important to us, but what’s more important is hiring the right candidate. If you feel you identify with our goals, values, and objectives, we encourage you to take the next step and apply. If these qualifications match your experience, we’d like to hear more about you. * Experienced developer with 3+ years of PHP development * Experience with MySQL, advanced SQL queries * Experience with Server management and Linux * Experience with HTML, JS, CSS, SASS * Experience with GIT and other source control systems Overall we are looking for a great developer that just wants to use and grow their skills as part of a fun team. **Am I a good fit?** Wondering if you are a fit? Of course we can’t say if we are the best fit for you, but we can lay out a few questions to ask yourself that will help you decide: * I can write true PHP code without needing frameworks or packaged CMS system * I don’t hesitate to break functionality into separate functions or classes for reusability * I know the difference between developing software and installing Wordpress or Drupal * I often have my console open in my browser, even when I am not debugging a site and enjoy reading random console messages other developers left behind * When I see some cool new technology I immediately start trying to work out how they did it * I enjoy a good pun and/or movie reference * I work and play well with my fellow developers and designers * I am a self-starter and have a great work ethic Our team has an open, honest, and transparent philosophy. These tenants also apply to our hiring process. By applying to work with us, you will have the chance to learn more about and evaluate our team so you feel confident about moving forward. If you feel like you’ve come across the a workplace that is perfect for you, we’d love for you to take the next step.