Backend Engineer (Rust) at DSCVR

Posted on: 05/03/2022

Location: (REMOTE)

full time

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Tags: rust web3

Overview -------- This is a unique opportunity to be the first dedicated back end engineer of an emerging Web3 social media platform. We’re looking for someone who wants to tackle challenging technical and scalability problems in Web3 that have never been solved before. About Us -------- DSCVR is a groundbreaking decentralized social platform built entirely on the Internet Computer (ICP). It has become a launchpad for building Web3 communities where users can set up governance rules, define roles, reward users with airdrops, and gate based on NFT ownership. In 1 year we’ll thank you for: ------------------------------ * Vastly improving DSCVR’s scalability * Creating the foundation of an engineering team that can push the boundaries of decentralized technology * Structuring code in a clear, organized way that can be built upon by much larger teams in the future * Bonus: Figuring out new algorithmic and data-driven ways to identify great users Qualifications -------------- * Building a scalable, secure, and deterministic application runtime * Installation, upgrade, and monitoring of our software across adversarial networks * A deep understanding of Rust and WebAssembly * Experience deploying and operating systems that run 24x7x365 and building the monitoring, alarming, and tooling required to keep them healthy. Experience building systems that software developers and end-users love. * A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or closely related field. The unique challenges at DSCVR will attract many engineers, however your practical experience is more important to us than your educational background. * Bonus: Working with decentralized, crypto and Web3 technology Benefits -------- * Fully remote (just be available to work on Pacific Time) * Unlimited PTO & sick days * Get in at the ground floor of a cutting-edge startup * Equity and token options * Health insurance How to Apply ------------ Send your resume to as well as anything else you want to tell us * Include this role’s title and “Cryptocurrency Jobs” in the subject line (it’ll help us to sort through the emails) * Send along links that best showcase the relevant things you’ve built and done (optional)