Frontend Engineer - Elections and Live Experiences at NBC News

Posted on: 06/02/2022

Location: NYC, LA, Seattle or Remote (ON-SITE)

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Tags: jest node cypress react vue

We build the interactive Big Board for NBC News and MSNBC. On Election Nights, Steve Kornacki uses our application to tell the breaking story: Surprise turnout in Ohio! Kornacki will tap into the district-level view and show us what's happening in the live election result data. And by "us" we mean millions of viewers around the world. Our team's mission is to enable world-class data journalism. To that end, we build out data visualizations and tools for breaking news topics. And right now our focus is Elections. Because we work in service of journalism, our technical core values are being both fast and accurate. Our primary product is the Big Board, but we also maintain additional tools for data processing and management. Our technology stack includes; Vue, Mapbox, D3, Node, React, Jest and Cypress.