Tech Lead, Senior Developers at RunaHR

Posted on: 05/03/2021

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Tags: rails node net

Runa is on a mission to revamp payroll and HR in Latin America. We are moving from our legacy Rails monolith to polyglot microservices on Node.js and .NET Core to build the next version of our SaaS product with API-first principles. I am leading and hiring for the Platform and Tools group where we have two separate, autonomous teams focusing on Developer Experience (DevX) and Business Efficiency (BFF). ----- Tech Lead: We need a strong technical leader for DevX where we are building libraries, services, capabilities and tooling for our product engineers. Our most immediate challenges are in authz/authn, i18n, and event driven systems. Experience with library and interface design, microservice communication patterns, API design, authn/authz, security and an uncompromising eye for best practices along with a passion to support other engineers will help you succeed in this role. ----- Senior Developers: We are also hiring frontend, backend and fullstack developers for both DevX and BFF. At BFF, the main focus is our business. We are building tools, dashboards, integrations that our customer support, operations, marketing, product, sales teams leverage. We are also revamping our internal dashboard capabilities to allow any team at Runa build and deploy for our internal users. You will succeed in these roles if you are comfortable working directly with stakeholders, exploring uncharted depths of legacy codebases, are not held back by unknowns. ----- More info on these and other openings at <> Feel free to email me at serkan.durusoy@ with questions.