Senior Software Engineer at Def Method

Posted on: 08/25/2021

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Tags: clojure swift kotlin ruby python javascript

**Senior Software Engineer at Def Method** New York, NY **About Def Method** We are generalist software engineers, product managers, and consultants committed to building the best software company we can, by delivering excellent results for our customers. We apply user-centered design and agile software development principles to help our customers create valuable products, and are always refining our craft. **Value prop of this role** At Def Method, you get to work on a variety of projects, solve coding challenges and work with a team of language-agnostic experts who’ll have your back. You'll promote diversity, inclusion, and understanding within your team. We know you’re not just hands on a keyboard. You have ideas and we’ll want to hear them. **What you’ll bring** * Proactive and enthusiastic commitment to customer best interests and ongoing process improvement * Generalist flexibility to adapt to customer environments and bring consultative expertise * Effective communication with the Def Method team and with customers, and willingness to give and receive growth-oriented feedback * 5+ years experience working with JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Java, or C# * Desire to learn and work with a range of technologies (for example, Go, Swift, Kotlin, and Clojure) * Knowledge of and experience with agile software development principles and associated practices (including test-driven development, pair programming, design patterns, and refactoring) * Strengths in web development or native mobile development, with a desire to expand personal range * Your engagement with the tech community and interest in public speaking at tech events **How you'll spend your time** * Making software in small teams with active customer involvement * Collaborating with engineers, product managers, designers, and stakeholders * Helping team members and the company as a whole improve through your input * Learning from and with colleagues as we seek to make the best software we can **Why we love working here** * We are committed to growing together by building excellent software for customers and expanding the range of experiences and perspectives that shape our work * Investment in learning: one month of professional development time for courses/conference/study per year, with a generous budget * Great pay and benefits — comprehensive health, dental, vision, 401(k) matching, paid parental leave, even life insurance! * Generous vacation time and minimal travel (if at all) *This position may be performed remotely if approved by the Company from anywhere except the State of Colorado.*