Senior Backend Engineer, Digital Products at Superformula

Posted on: 04/17/2021

Location: Remote (Americas) (REMOTE)


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Tags: jest apollo lambda selenium typescript mocha express node bash sns dynamodb terraform aws graphql

We are seeking a full-time backend engineer with 6+ years of experience building enterprise-scale and production-ready applications. This is a high visibility product team where you will get a chance to make a positive impact on customer experience in the automotive enthusiast industry. You will be building greenfield products with our product teams on behalf of our clients. *denotes must-haves **Skills** 2. Ability to take ownership of work items and help cultivate new ones with a Product-first mindset* 4. GraphQL & REST API concepts and implementation patterns* 6. Domain-driven design experience within distributed systems* 8. Cloud-native / managed services exposure 10. Experience with event-driven system architectures **Languages/frameworks** 2. TypeScript / Node.js LTS* 4. Terraform or other IaC 6. Testing frameworks such as Jest or Mocha 8. Bash / Shell scripting for CI/CD pipelines **Tooling** 2. AWS AppSync, Lambda, DynamoDB, SNS, SQS* 4. CI/CD Pipelines 6. Familiarity with GraphQL Server ecosystem (Apollo Server, apollo-server-lambda, express-graphql, etc.) 8. Exposure to E2E testing tools (Cypress, Selenium, TestCafe, etc.) **To thrive as a member of our team, you must:** * Operate with an ownership mentality by taking initiative, being resourceful, and executing with passion * Have excellent verbal and written communications skills * Ability to work early hours to communicate with our development teams in North America, South America, and Poland * Be a quick learner and be passionate about learning * Embody creativity, be honest, humble, mature, committed, and cultivate a positive culture