Java Engineer (Backend) at Prospect

Posted on: 04/06/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

Glassdoor: 3.0 / 5 | Original Source

Tags: spring redux typescript grafana terraform aws gitlab react postgresql

We are a remote startup (headquartered in Canada) building a smart, curious, and driven team that’s making software to help sales reps sell better. Prospect is a lead generation app that helps you find contact data right inside your browser in real-time. The best sales teams from the top tech companies in the world use Prospect to crush their sales targets. **MORE ABOUT US** We are currently a team of 11 people -- you will be #12 🙂 We are self-funded and profitable (no VCs or investors). We did this because we want to do what’s best for our team and customers. Authoritative leadership style is practiced here, where the overall goal is given and you have the freedom to choose your own way of achieving it. We have balanced working hours (~8 hours/day), don’t work weekends, and take ample time off. We don’t have any “managers” and we rarely do any internal meetings. We understand the importance of work/life balance which is why we are one of few that offer Fridays off in the summer ☀️ **ABOUT YOU** You enjoy writing beautiful code. You care not just about whether the code works, but you think deeply about how well it performs, and how it will be understood by future developers. You like shipping things. You realize that building excellent products is a marathon, not a sprint, and regularly make improvements in iterations. You are an excellent communicator. You realize that working remotely requires thoughtful communication and you do so through great written communication. You self-manage and are open to feedback. You enjoy taking a goal and figuring out how to ship it without heavy direction and regular check-ins. You are product and customer-centric. Whether it is a bug fix, perf improvement, or a new feature, you realize that every line of code is an opportunity to make a user’s experience better. **OUR ENGINEERING TEAM RIGHT NOW** We are currently a team of 7 engineers. Our roles are divided based on the projects we work on. We work in 4-week long development cycles in which we focus on adding new features, fixing bugs, or making improvements. After each cycle, we have a 2-week cool-off which we use to work on anything we would like to as well as plan for the next cycle. Our stack is currently: * **Backend**: Java 8 on Spring and Dropwizard * **Cloud**: A mix of AWS and Google Cloud * **Database**: PostgreSQL * **Frontend**: TypeScript, ES6, React, and Redux * **Internal**: GitLab for CI/CD and issue tracking **PROJECTS YOU WILL WORK ON** You will be working on our backend which is a REST API written using modern Java practices. This is a high-impact role. We are looking for someone to take real ownership of one or two core features within the first year. You will own some extremely important parts of our application that serve thousands of customers. We prioritize our projects based on what customers are requesting the most. Some things that you might work on include: * **Data:** Scale our real-time data discovery engine to process 5x-10x more volume * **DevOps**: Improve our CI pipeline by adding static analysis and improving tests * **Integrations**: Add features to and revamp our Salesforce integration * **Monitoring:** Add metrics and real-time alerts for core application functionality * **Upgrades**: Migrate to the latest versions of core dependencies, such as PostgreSQL **MUST HAVES** * 3-5+ years of Java programming experience * Experience with PostgreSQL and handling large amounts of data **BONUS NICE-TO-HAVES** * Past remote work experience * Experience at a tech startup or a small company before * Experience with modern infrastructure tools such as using Terraform * Experience with modern Java frameworks without the enterprise bloat * A knack for taking a metrics-driven approach using Grafana or similar **COMPENSATION AND PERKS** * Salary: $95,000 - $120,000 Canadian dollars / year * $1,500 annual continued learning budget (for books, courses, and self-improvement) * $1,000+ annual travel spending allowance (money to spend during your vacation) * Flexible working hours (4 hour overlap with EST and the remaining 4 flexible) * 4 weeks paid time off * Benefits (health, dental, etc) through our company HSA (for people living in Canada)