Systems Administrator / DevOps Engineer at Upfeat Media Inc

Posted on: 10/28/2021

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Tags: sentry cloudflare puppet nginx helm redis github datadog php containers postgres ansible nodejs elasticsearch aws terraform docker kubernetes gitlab mysql

**What You'll Be Doing** * Handling a high complexity infrastructure that consists of both Cloud and baremetal components, along with containers and Kubernetes * Monitoring, logging, and alerting for said infrastructure * Building and maintaining a network that allows for baremetal Kubernetes, Cloud services, VPNs, and external services to connect to each other * Supporting the development team, especially via automated CI/CD * The creation of dev and productions environments for projects to ensure testability and ease of implementation * Communicating with the team and with management, at a personal level, to keep others aware of on-going problems, along with up-in-coming concerns and plans * Ensuring our systems have the highest possible security, and keeping up to date with CVEs to minimize their impact * Helping determine how we can implement new industry standards such as Open Telemetry **Requirements** * Cloud platforms; especially Google Cloud Platform, AWS * Google Cloud SDK, for Cloud Functions and other Cloud products * Docker for local development and container building * Kubernetes with Helm charts * Building and securing containers * Configuring and using CDNs such as Fastly, Cloudflare * Ubuntu and other Linux operating systems with good knowledge of Linux networking * Nginx, NodeJS, PHP, Redis, MySQL, Postgres, Elasticsearch know-how * Server automation, notably Puppet, Ansible, Terraform * ELK stack, Sentry, New Relic and/or Datadog for logging and alerts * Proficient in security systems, pentests, VPN and SSO technologies * GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket for source control and code management * GitLab Pipelines, for CI/CD * Post secondary education in computer science or a related field * Minimum of 3 years working as a systems administrator or devops engineer