Senior Full-Stack Engineer at Causal

Posted on: 05/04/2021

Location: London (UK) or REMOTE (ON-SITE)

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Tags: redux ux node typescript react golang

* Our stack is React/Redux/TypeScript on the frontend, and Node/TypeScript/Golang on the backend. We're looking for engineers who have experience with these technologies. * Our core backend computation engine that performs the calculations behind Causal models — the challenge is to show the user instant results when possible and run complex operations (Monte-Carlo simulation, API calls) on the backend. * Our spreadsheet-esque frontend interface for building models. This comes with a slew of UI/UX challenges to support complex functionality without being complicated, and needs to be incredibly performant. * Our dashboarding and data visualisation capabilities, to let users use beautiful charts and tables to communicate with numbers. * Check out our roadmap to see what else we've got planned: <> Other roles we hire for: Frontend Engineer - Data Visualisation, Backend Engineer - Data, Business Operations --- We have a nice office in London (UK) but are also open to remote hires. If this sounds interesting then I'd love to chat! lukas (at) More information on our careers page: <>