Chaos Integration Engineer at ChaosNative

Posted on: 05/14/2021

Location: India (REMOTE)

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Tags: javascript grafana prometheus datadog gitlab golang graphql circleci jenkins react

**Job Responsibilities** ------------------------ * Create & maintain plugins for various ecosystem tools in CI/CD and Observability space. * You will be responsible for the creation and maintenance of LitmusChaos plugins and hooks for several popular frameworks and platforms (mainly in the areas of CI/CD & Observability) in the Cloud Native ecosystem. ( *This typically involves understanding a wide variety of chaos engineering use-cases and their application within the standard flow/context of a given platform.*) * Interacting with the members of various project/product communities, implementing the integration features with agile principles, creating detailed test scenarios. * Documenting the integration and maintaining its releases. * The ability to elucidate these integrations in blog articles and advocate them in meetups or conferences is desired and such activities are appreciated, though not mandatory. **Preferred Education** B.E/B.Tech/MCA(anyone with above skills) **Preferred Experience Level** Experience: 3+ years Qualification ------------- * Ability to code in Golang. * Working knowledge of React/Javascript, ReST APIs, GraphQL. Keen DevOps perspective . * Prior experience working on CI/CD frameworks (one or more of - Gitlab, Jenkins, CircleCI, Argo, Spinnaker) and Observability/APM platforms (one or more of - Prometheus, Grafana, Dynatrace, SysDig, DataDog, Wavefront, LightStep). * A clear approach to document software for fellow developers as well as end-users. **Additional Information** -------------------------- * Market matching salary and benefits **About ChaosNative** --------------------- Team ChaosNative originally created the open source project LitmusChaos to drive the innovations around Cloud Native Chaos Engineering. Litmus is now a CNCF project with a large community of users and contributors. With a significant enterprise adoption of Litmus, ChaosNative provides commercial support to it’s worldwide customer base. ChaosNative develops solutions and other services in the area of chaos engineering and cloud native reliability.