Backend Developer to make digital solutions for social challenges at Innovattic

Posted on: 06/04/2021

Location: Delft (ON-SITE)

full time

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Tags: spring kotlin typescript docker

**Find work that matters. We're looking for developers who aren't afraid to dream or do. Join the team and help us make amazing digital solutions, for a better world.** / Become the best you Innovattic makes digital solutions for social challenges. We craft first class apps, websites, games and more, with clients who share our belief in a better world. Our team is made of hard working, talented people with a variety of skills and backgrounds. Together we make Innovattic into a dynamic, ambitious workplace, with a flat structure and little to no overhead. A place where every one of us can follow his or her passion, and where work virtually never feels like work. Well, maybe Monday mornings… :-) We want to meet ambitious creators. Hey, maybe you have skills we don't even know we want yet. Contact us and we'll talk. ****Experience & knowledge**** You are an out of the box thinking programmer that wants to help us amaze the world with your mind-blowing ideas. Challenges inspire you and awaken the best of your abilities. You would love to master our continuous re-thinking process and help set out the course we are steering with Innovattic. You are: * Independent; * Flexible; * Able to build architecturally sound and maintainable backends; * Able to work in a DevOps workflow; * Able to give advice about server-side technologies, architectures and deployment strategies; * Fluent in English; * Willing to move (or already living in-) the Netherlands. You have: * Strong Kotlin & Spring skills (or experience with similar languages/frameworks, and the ability to pick up Kotlin in a matter of days); * Experience with Git; * Experience with using Docker; * Experience with other (backend) languages, like Typescript (optional). * Experience with configuration/building on open-source CMS platforms (optional); * Experience with application deployment/maintenance on Amazon Web Services (optional). You enjoy: * Working under pressure during hackathons (we already won quite a few big ones like Hacking Health in 2016 and 2017); * Programming of course; * Working in a team.