Executive Ghostwriter (Technology, Business, and Marketing) at Draft.dev

Posted on: 05/05/2022

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Are you an experienced executive ghostwriter with a background in journalism and marketing? Do you have experience interviewing thought leaders in the tech world? Want ongoing one-on-one work with a CEO who understands the value of high-quality writing? If so, we've got a role for you! **We'd Like Someone Who Can:** * Find and interview sources (technology leaders, software developers, marketers, and developer relations professionals) * Understand technical topics at a high level (big plus if you have any past technology industry experience) * Perform detailed research on technical topics and companies * Write with a genuine, persuasive, and authoritative style * Consistently deliver high-quality written work on deadline with a positive attitude and learning mindset **The Kind of Content You'll Write**Here are some examples of the types of articles you'll be responsible for writing each month. While you probably won't know everything about these topics, you'll be responsible for researching each topic and working with our team to find suitable sources to help you create authoritative content surrounding software development and leadership: * [What you give up when moving into engineering management](https://stackoverflow.blog/2022/02/23/what-you-give-up-when-moving-into-engineering-management/) * [What the "No-Code" Movement Means for Software Developers](https://www.telerik.com/blogs/what-no-code-movement-means-for-software-developers) * [Why Don't Developers Write More Tests?](https://dzone.com/articles/why-dont-developers-write-more-tests) * [23 Alternative Career Paths for Software Developers](https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/alternative-career-paths/) * [What is a Developer Advocate?](https://draft.dev/learn/what-is-a-developer-advocate) * [How to Write Better Technical Content](https://draft.dev/learn/technical-content) **Expectations:** * Output of 6000-words (after editing) per month, mostly ~2000-word blog posts * Consistent 2-3 day turnarounds on edits (usually 1-2 rounds per article) * Bi-weekly planning meeting with CEO to talk about upcoming articles, line up sources, and ask questions **Perks:** * Flexible hours, location, and mostly asynchronous work * Competitive pay rate: $0.40 per word * Work directly with [Draft.dev's founder](https://www.linkedin.com/in/karllhughes) * Learn about and make contacts in a quickly-growing niche industry