Front-end engineers, full-stack engineers at Convex

Posted on: 06/02/2022

Location: San Francisco (3/2 Hybrid ONSITE) (ON-SITE)

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Tags: rust kubernetes typescript

Convex is a rapidly growing startup aiming to change the way the web is built. Specifically, we're creating a Global State Management platform--a new way to build apps without backends, databases, VPCs, kubernetes, etc. Featured recently here: []( More background on the vision: <> <> We're looking for people passionate about developer platforms, web development, mobile development, distributed systems and databases--all the pieces necessary to create a holistic replacement for the backends of years past. Our stack is TypeScript + Rust. The Convex team has been building critical systems in Rust for nearly 10 years: []( []( if you're passionate about learning in depth how to take Rust into production, join up! Feel free to either reply to me or apply directly on <> Or, if you just want a beta key to learn more about what Convex is first, let me know. I'll hand those out too.