Software Developer - iOS Apps at Esri

Posted on: 07/06/2021

Location: Redlands (ON-SITE)

full time

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Tags: swift github ios restful

Do you love to develop iOS apps? Challenge yourself at Esri and build great location aware apps that enable people around the globe to solve real-world problems. We’re looking for smart, user-focused developers to join our team and help push the boundaries on iOS while putting their mark on the apps of tomorrow. **Responsibilities:** * Design, develop, and test functionality for the latest iOS apps * Join forces with other developers and designers throughout the development process * Understand user requirements—these apps have to meet real-world scenarios * Develop software for use in field mapping, data collection, sensor networks, street navigation, and more * Solve complex problems with design, development, and user experience * Be an Apple advocate within Esri and at conferences; help us grow our iOS development expertise * Develop strong skills and best practices on the team through participation in design and code reviews **Requirements:** * Be an Apple enthusiast and a game changer * 2+ years of commercial software development experience * You are anxious to learn but you’ve got these things covered: + Objective-C and/or Swift + Xcode + Developing with the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch APIs + Object oriented design skills + Data structures and algorithms + App development issues related to performance optimization and caching * All the other important things that will help you be successful at Esri: good communication skills, a team player who can also fly solo, and the ability to thrive in an environment that changes often * Bachelor’s in computer science, engineering, or mathematics, depending on position level (master’s in computer science, GIS, or related field preferred) * Did we mention you gotta love iOS? **Recommended Qualifications:** * Submitted apps to the App Store * Protocol oriented design skills * Prior experience building spatial/mapping applications or software components * Experience with security and/or native hardware components (GPS, camera, etc.) * Experience with one or more of the following technologies: GIS, RESTful web services, Git Got a GitHub? Put it on your resume. Have an app in the App Store? Tell us which one(s). Let us see your work.