Full-Stack, Backend, ML Engineers at Inspect

Posted on: 06/01/2022

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Tags: rust redis web3 pytorch ml typescript react

We're building Inspect -- a platform for aggregating, digesting, and explaining complex social information from across the web. Our focus is on Web3 – a unique environment where people are experimenting with new ways to organize, connect, and build communities and collectives without the typical intermediaries we’re used to. We’re seeing some awesome things happening (and also some clowny failures) and feel like this is just the right environment for big changes and explorations for the future. Our work involves a wide variety of challenges from 0 to 1 product development, services running at 10s of thousands of QPS, and machine learning from graph embeddings and classification to named entity recognition and image similarity detection. We're a team of ex-Meta and ex-Amazon engineers and we’ve raised $4M from forward-thinking investors like Galaxy Digital to expand our team and help realize this vision. We’re currently hiring product designers and full-stack, backend, and ML engineers to accelerate progress. We want to work with people who can think big and execute quickly, who are comfortable in the long tail of 0 to 1, and who are eager to solve deep technical problems to inch toward a better world. Tech Stack: Pytorch, Typescript, Next.js, React, Rust, Redis