Mid/Senior Mobile Engineer - iOS at Photobooth Supply Co

Posted on: 01/06/2022

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Tags: swift s3 express node lambda mongodb ios redis github cloudfront aws sns graphql react beanstalk elasticache

We make elegant iOS-based photo booths connected to peripherals like printers, DSLR cameras, and LEDs. It's all powered on the backend by a Node.js API, MongoDB database, and several microservices (also written in Node). An additional part of our product suite is a web frontend written in React/Next.js. If you are a kind, respectful, and thoughtful iOS developer who wants to focus on building a high-quality mobile-first product with a focus on images and video, we're looking for you! You'll be working on a small team of mobile developers, collaborating with other development teams, and implementing software that's so good that our clients don't even notice it exists. You'd be working in a collaborative, remote-first environment, but we respect the need for independent and heads-down deep work, so we don't have a lot of meetings or bureaucracy. If you are looking for a workplace that respects you as a person, and will both expect and help you to perform at your best, we are the place for you! ### Tech Stack You don't need to know all of these, but we hope you're interested in these technologies and have at least some knowledge about them. * Frontend: iOS app written in Swift, and a web app written in React and Next.js. We are hoping to use React Native soon. * API: REST + GraphQL, Node.js, Express, Mongoose * AWS Infrastructure: Lambda, Beanstalk, EC2, S3, CloudFront, SNS, Elasticache, CloudWatch * Other Infrastructure: GitHub, GitHub Actions * Databases: MongoDB, Redis * Technologies: FFmpeg, WebRTC, WASM ### Responsibilities * Build great software! * Upgrade the current software where it isn't great 😥 * Make recommendations (and implement them!) for how to improve overall software quality. * Implement design and development refreshes to make the software look and function better. * Camera integration and image and video processing, Augmented Reality, face recognition, image quality, etc. We use SDKs for some of the heavy lifting but any experience you have would help. * Thinking about and implementing new features that make it easier to see and share images and videos. * Integrate with 1st-party products and services such as our microservices and frontend apps. * Integrate with 3rd-parties such as social sharing. * Collaborate with other staff to architect new features that make our clients super happy. **Requirements** * Most importantly, you MUST be kind, respectful, and thoughtful. Strong opinions are very welcome. Jerks are not. * Secondly, you must be willing to work in the context of a team. Yes, many of your deliverables will be due to heads-down programming, but you can't work in a vacuum or ivory tower. * Hands-on work experience as a mid to senior-level iOS developer. * Track record of building high-quality, battle-tested software. * Experience working with APIs, preferably at a SaaS company. * Experience with all the basics: version control, CI, agile development, communication tools like Slack, etc **Benefits** 🏥 Health Benefits 👴 401K for California Based Employees 📚 Education Stipend 💻 Remote Work 💰 Bonus Plan 🏝️ Annual Retreat ✈️ Generous PTO and Holiday Schedule 💼 Quarterly Financial Meetings 📊 Open Book Management 💪 Intimate Team