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Posted on: 04/28/2022

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**The Company** Recurrency is a sales, pricing, and purchasing automation platform for distributors. Despite distribution being a multi-trillion dollar industry, the legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that exist to help distributors manage their purchasing, inventory, sales, order processing, and accounting are decades behind. For the most part, ERP systems are painfully slow, difficult-to-use, and soul-crushingly manual. Recurrency’s goal is to reverse ERP stagnation by building a streamlined and intelligent ERP: blazingly fast and complete with powerful automation tools like dynamic pricing and demand forecasting. Using Recurrency can boost a distributor’s revenue and profit margins, while reducing waste and saving time. Most importantly, Recurrency is fully-integrated with the customer’s legacy system, so deploying Recurrency in production can be done in as little as one day. Founded in Los Angeles and supporting a fully-remote team across the United States, Recurrency is a fast-growing and venture-backed team of talented technologists going all-in on building the next great platform company. **The Role** As a Software Engineer you will join the Sales & Data Accuracy or the Purchasing & Pricing team and report to the Head of Engineering focusing on building features in the backend using Python or Node.js and help running resources on AWS. (We use ECS) At Recurrency we ingest data from ERP systems and provide a common data layer to enable existing ERP workflows (creating a quote or an order to name a few). Our Frontend application is built in React. We currently focus on sales and purchasing workflows for our users. You will provide support to our amazing frontend team by building API endpoints, integrating features with ERPs and ensuring data accuracy using cloud services. **What You'll Do** * Build product features end to end by working closely with our frontend engineers * Build new APIs in Python or Node.js (Typescript) * Build new database tables, views and functions using Postgres and other datastores * Build and maintain data pipelines from ERPs to S3 and datastores * Write unit tests using Jest and Github actions * Monitor and improve API and database performance * You will own the resiliency and availability of our python or node.js services * Build dashboards in our monitoring services, we use SumoLogic * Manage deployment using Github actions and AWS / ECS Fargate **About You** * Essential Knowledge of of Python or Node.js (Typescript) * Essential knowledge of NoSQL and SQL Databases. (We use MongoDB and Postgres) * Ability to write clear and performing SQL code * Foundation in data structures, algorithms, and software design with strong analytical and debugging skills * Experience with AWS, ECS, RDS and Docker * Excellent problem solving ability * Ability to lead projects end to end, we go all in! *Recurrency aims to ensure a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming work environment.* *Individuals seeking employment at Recurrency are considered without regards to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation.* **Progression overtime** First 30 days: * You will have written code that has landed in production * You will have met the entire team * You will feel comfortable explaining our application Days 60: * Develop API changes and new features end to end * You should be able to explain how our application works under the hood * Write custom SQL queries and database scripts * Explain our architecture and suggest improvements Day 90+: * Solve complex data problems from our customers * Be a major part in more complex projects * You would have built ERP knowledge, mainly understanding data relationships under the hood