Founding Engineer at Aqueduct

Posted on: 05/03/2022

Location: Seattle or Austin or Remote (ON-SITE)

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I’m Kathy. My friend Abdul and I started Aqueduct, a billing solution that handles sophisticated billing math, invoices, reporting, and collections. Some highlights: - Billing is a huge waste of human brilliance today - companies spin up armies of hundreds to *thousands* of engineers to tend to the same duct-taped systems no one likes and even more people are stuck interacting with them. - We are fortunate enough to be well funded and have a queue of companies we’re super excited to work with to build envelope-pushing products. We have a no code price model maker that can spin up a per-seat, metered add-on, 3 way split payouts in 3 minutes which is pretty nuts. - Previously, I led the Revenue Products at Stripe Billing and built driver payments at DoorDash. My co-founder, Abdul, the 1st hire at Retool and 3rd engineer at DoorDash.