Monetization Specialist at Stone Press

Posted on: 05/19/2021

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Stone Press is building the largest network of B2B sites. We’ve dramatically scaled up our content production and now feature thousands of products from hundreds of customers across our network of websites. This means a lot of data management and organization is needed to keep our revenue department and reporting systems running smoothly. That’s why we need you. Your role will be to efficiently extract, compile, and manage multiple sources of data from our customers and in-house reports. For example, you’ll extract revenue reports from hundreds of different customer portals each month and keep our database of customer and post monetization data up to date on a daily basis. You will also be tasked with creating and managing thousands of tracking links, while also doing light updates on WordPress posts based on directions from our team. You will not need to do any writing but will need to be comfortable moving content around in the Wordpress editor, adding and updating links, and republishing existing content. While most of your role will consist of structured and repetitive tasks, your responsibilities will vary day to day as you will directly support the Revenue Team’s daily needs. You must be willing to take on new tasks and adjust your day as needed to support the rest of the team. **Your Responsibilities** * Accurately extract and compile different types of data from an ever changing list of hundreds of data sources. * Create and manage thousands of tracking links. * Add internal tracking links to our content in WordPress. * Make light edits (no writing required) on existing WordPress posts. * Keep our database of customers and post monetization data up to date. * Complete new affiliate program applications as directed by the Revenue Team. * Support the Revenue Team with any additional data entry, data extraction, or data compiling tasks that may come up. **How to Tell If You’ll be a Great Fit** * You love dealing with massive amounts of data and doing repetitive tasks that require you to be thoughtful, organized, and detail oriented at all times. * You take pride in keeping neat and tidy spreadsheets and can’t stand even a single cell being mis-formatted. * You are not afraid to try and figure out problems on your own but you also know when to stop and get help if you can not find the answer within a reasonable amount of time. * You are proactive and eager to learn new things. * You must be US-based, but we are a 100% remote company so you can work from anywhere you like. No specific education or certifications required.