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Posted on: 05/03/2022

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**Mission and Opportunity** =========================== > We're building the plumbing system of real estate, starting with property taxes. > > Each year, American local governments — cities, counties, school districts, and other special districts — collectively raise more than $500 billion in property taxes. Each locality independently designs, administers, and collects what, in aggregate, is the largest single source of revenue for American local governments. The result is a patchwork of more than 20,000 unique property tax regimes — a regulatory and compliance nightmare for institutional real estate operators and enterprises with large real estate footprints. We built TaxProper to solve this problem. Our product abstracts away all of the messiness of our property tax system for our customers. In building TaxProper, however, we realized there are dozens of other areas as painful as the property tax system that intersect with property ownership — from interacting with millions of homeowner associations (HOAs), to making sure land information is recorded correctly. Internally, we refer to these issues as the plumbing system of real estate and our long term opportunity. So there you have it. We're working on building the plumbing system of real estate, starting with property taxes. **About TaxProper** =================== Product ------- [TaxProper]( is an enterprise SaaS solution that acquires real-time property tax data, encodes local tax rules, and contains all of the operational workflows associated with property tax management. Our core products automate property tax payments, forecast future property tax liability, and help large real estate operators manage their property tax appeals. It's still early, but we already cover more than 70,000 properties across the country and serve some of the most sophisticated public and private real estate operators and investors across the United States. Backing ------- TaxProper was part of Y Combinator, and [raised more than $2M]( from an outstanding group of investors, including Khosla Ventures, Global Founders Capital, Clocktower Ventures, and more. **About You** ============= Experience ---------- * Have 2+ years of experience in taking complex B2B products from conception to execution, and are excited about doing so again at TaxProper * Enjoy and have experience building full stack applications * Think systematically and write high-quality code; we care much more about engineering excellence than knowledge of a particular technology * Be able to communicate complex ideas simply and effectively * Thrive in a fast-paced start-up environment and are excited to create new things Fit --- As one of the TaxProper’s early hires, cultural fit is extremely important. You will need the following characteristics: * **Generalist**. You should be willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work, and understand that the day-to-day of a startup can change rapidly. If we need more focus on an enterprise product, you will be okay pitching in. * **Owner**. You are willing to take full ownership of your area and will be an advocate for it with the rest of the team. * **Entrepreneurial**. You have either started your own companies or you have taken on real career risks. Your background indicates that you are willing to strike out on your own and you are not dependent on others creating structure for you. **Compensation** ================ We will treat you well, with competitive salary and equity. You probably have a strong desire for ownership, so we can provide multiple options depending on your risk tolerance. Benefits -------- * Health and dental insurance * Unlimited PTO * 401k contribution match * Awesome office (rooftop deck, top of the line La Marzocco classic espresso machine, top floor with lots of natural light and skylight, et cetera)